Is There a Future for Airships?

Hier ist der Platz für Artikel die für alle interessant sein könnten. (ZiB und CargoLifter).

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Is There a Future for Airships?

Beitragvon hilgenberg » Di, 03.05.2011 22:16

Is There a Future for Airships?

A safer generation of airships, otherwise known as dirigibles, is trying to usher in a low-carbon future for air cargo

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The notion that airships represent the future of air cargo is being revived by a new generation of entrepreneurs some 75 years after a catastrophic fireball brought the industry to a screeching halt. ...

Optimistic entrepreneurs have made similar predictions before, however. Germany-based Cargolifter AG burned through some $500 million without building so much as a prototype before it went belly-up in 2002.

But today's technology is much improved from earlier, flawed approaches. And the potential market is vast.
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