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Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd

Beitragvon hilgenberg » So, 14.02.2010 22:54

Army seeks to revive airships as sensor platforms

By Bob Brewin 02/12/2010

Army officials kicked off a procurement Thursday for an advanced airship packed with radar and communications gear, saying they wanted to have the craft in operation over Afghanistan 18 months after contract award.

Under the procurement, the Army's Space and Missile Defense Command in Huntsville, Ala., seeks to acquire an airship, called the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, that can stay aloft for three weeks at an altitude of 20,000 feet and carry a payload of 2,500 pounds. The Army said it wants a vehicle that can operate either manned or unmanned.

John Cummings, a spokesman Space and Missile Defense Command, said the craft would carry multiple sensors, including radars, optical and infrared sensors, and a communications package that could serve as a radio relay for ground forces.

Gordon Taylor, marketing director for Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd. in Shortstown, England, said his company intends to bid on the Army project in partnership with other companies he declined to identify. Taylor said the company's SkyCat airships have only a passing resemblance to the familiar blimps seen at sporting events or the kind last operated by the Navy in 1961.

Unlike those cigar-shaped blimps, Taylor said the SkyCat uses advanced technology, with the lift provided by a helium envelope that has an aerodynamic shape. The SkyCat also dwarfs traditional blimps in size: The smallest airship Hybrid Air Vehicles plans is 266 feet long and the largest is 607 feet, compared to 192 feet for the Goodyear blimp and 403 feet for the ZPG-3, the largest and last blimp the Navy operated.

Quelle und ganzer Artikel:
http://www.nextgov.com/nextgov/ng_20100 ... ef=topnews
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Re: Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd

Beitragvon thomas1904 » Mo, 15.11.2010 19:40

Welt am Sonntag, 14.11.2010:
"Der Zeppelin lernt noch einmal fliegen
Die britische Firma HAV könnte schaffen, woran viele vor ihr gescheitert sind: kommerzielle Fracht-Luftschiffe auf den Markt bringen. Einen Millionenauftrag hat sie schon ...."
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