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Lockheed baut Cargo-Luftschiff

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CALGARY, March 22 /CNW/ - Aviation Capital Enterprises, Inc. (Aviation Capital), an Alberta-based private company, has entered into an exclusive contractual agreement with Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) to design, develop, build, flight test and Federal Aviation Administration certify a family of hybrid aircraft.

Hybrid aircraft are ideally suited for heavy lift cargo transport, domestic disaster relief and international humanitarian resupply. The aircraft requires little or no fixed ground infrastructure and can launch, land and be serviced on unimproved surfaces and water using its innovative air cushion landing system. It taxis, launches and recovers like a conventional aircraft. ...

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Und gleich noch einer dazu: ... ifter.html

Skunk Works P-791 airship revived as civil cargo-lifter
By Stephen Trimble

Less than a year after losing a major US Army order, Lockheed Martin will revive and scale-up the P-791 hybrid airship to carry at least 20t of cargo under a new contract signed by a Canada-based commercial start-up.

Aviation Capital Enterprises of Calgary has ordered the first airship, which is rebranded the SkyTug, for delivery from Lockheed's Skunk Works division in 2012, says founder Kirk Purdy. ...

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US-amerikanische Luftfahrtbehörde FAA stimmt Zertifizierungsplan zu:

Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship Certification Plan for Commercial Transport Approved by the FAA ... 79764.html

erschienen am 17.11.2015

Das Projekt heißt jetzt übrigens LMH-1.

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British firm will buy first 12 of Lockheed's new blimp-like hybrid airships

British aviation company will be the first customer for Lockheed Martin's blimp-like hybrid airships.

Straightline Aviation, which was established last year solely to own and operate the airships, said it has signed a letter of intent to purchase 12 of the dirigibles for about $480 million. ... story.html

Erschienen am 30. März 2016

Ein dafür eigens gegründetes britisches Unternehmen hat eine Absichtserklärung zum Erwerb von 12 Einheiten im Wert von 480 Millionen US$ unterzeichnet.

So eine Meldung wird in Deutschland nicht veröffentlicht. :roll:

Lockheed bahnt Geschäft für LMH-1 mit Alaska an

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Lockheed Martin: Cargo airship on track for Alaska delivery in 2019

An official with Lockheed Martin told Alaska lawmakers Tuesday that efforts are on track to bring a modern cargo airship to the state in 2019.
The aircraft builder is working with Alaskans and is close to finishing deals to help make that happen, said Craig Johnston, director of business strategy and development for a California-based Lockheed Martin program, Skunk Works, that is developing a helium-filled airship.
Anchorage-based PRL Logistics, which organized the movement of cargo, people and fuel for ExxonMobil's $4 billion Point Thomson field, is working with Lockheed in the effort, Johnston said. ... y-in-2019/

Erschienen am 4. April 2017

Lockheed Cargo-Luftschiff auch für Tansania

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Und weiter geht's!

Gas explorer teams up with Lockheed Martin on helium-fuelled airships

Giant helium-fuelled airships could soon be plying the skies - and a Tanzania-based gas explorer hopes to be joining them for the ride.

Helium One, a start-up crewed by oil and mining industry veterans, is teaming up with Lockheed Martin to work on using the US giant’s new airships to transport helium from its project in Tanzania to port for shipping. ... -airships/

Erschienen am 5.4.2017

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Und damit nicht genug!

Hybrid Air Freighters signs Letter of Intent to purchase Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airships

Hybrid Air Freighters (HAF) has signed a Letter of Intent to purchase up to 12 Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airships, at a total value of approximately $500 million. HAF is working with Hybrid Enterprises, the exclusive reseller of Lockheed Martin's Hybrid Airships, to finalise the purchase agreement.

With significant logistics and aviation experience, Paris-based HAF was established specifically to act as an owner-operator of the Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airships.

(vom 21.6.2017)

Der geneigte Leser fragt sich verblüfft: sind das dieselben 12 Stück die bereits eine britische neugegründete Betreiberfirma kaufen will, oder kommen die obengenannten 12 Einheiten zusätzlich dazu?