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Hybrid Air Vehicles Make Gains On Traditional Airplanes

Seventy-four years after the zeppelin, another gas giant arises.

Hybrid Air Vehicles' new aircraft is not technically a blimp. Nor is it a zeppelin, a craft that saw its end with the Hindenburg explosion in 1937 (and a rebirth, of sorts, in the proto-heavy-metal band's name). But it's at least a little of both--a (fittingly) "hybrid air vehicle," or HAV, a mix of airplane, airship, and hovercraft. Hybrid Air Vehicles is attracting business by offering surveillance models (which can fly nonstop for weeks) as well as cargo models (which can tote up to 200 tons). Military contractor Northrop Grumman recently inked a $517 million deal with the firm for its surveillance vehicles, which Northrop will develop for military deployment. Meanwhile, HAV's cargo ships, which the company says are cheaper than comparable airplanes, will debut in northern Canada, where Discovery Air has agreed to pay $3.3 billion for as many as 45 ships outfitted for oil and mining transport. ...