Amerika rüstet auf - mit Hybridluftschiffen

Konferenzen, die die Leichter-als-Luft-Branche betreffen

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Amerika rüstet auf - mit Hybridluftschiffen

Beitragvon pestw » Mi, 24.03.2010 19:27

Conference includes continental breakfasts, snacks and lunches both days plus a Reception on March 31. Outstanding roster of attendees from government, industry and academia, both domestic and international.

Hybrid Airships for Heavy Lift Conference

Welcome Remarks by:

Bonnie Green, Executive Director, The Patuxent Partnership

Dr. Robin Buckelew, Acting Executive Director, Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center, RDECOM

Mr. John C.F. Tillson, Deputy Director, Strategy, Policy and Assessments, US European Command

Presentations include:

“USTRANSCOM - Meeting a Global Challenge”General Duncan J. McNabb, Commander, U.S. Transportation Command

"EUCOM/AFRICOM/TRANSCOM “Point-of-Need Delivery (POND) Experimentation Campaign,” LT COL Brian “Gazer” Mead, USAF, EUCOM, J8-C, Experimentation

"Joint Task Force Haiti," LTG Ken Keen, Deputy Commander, SOUTHCOM, Commander, Joint Task Force Haiti (VTC)/USMC COL Alex Vohr, Director for Logistics/J4, SOUTHCOM

"Current Capabilities for Unmanned Airships for Battlefield ISR & Communications Shortfalls," Mr. Brian Matkin, Senior Engineer and Program Manager, Westar

"Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV)," Mr. Ed Loxterkamp, Rapid Acquisition Lead, DoD ISR Task Force, USD(I), OSD

"Airships: Everything You Thought You Knew," plus "Lifting Gases," Mr. Pete Buckley, chief airship pilot, Integrated Systems Solutions, Inc.

"History of Hybrid Aircraft 2000 to Present," Mr. Steve Huett, Director, Advanced Development Program Office for Airship Concepts, NAVAIR

"OSD Heavy Lift Perspective," COL Dale Holland, USAF, Emerging Capabilities Portfolio director, Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering

"Heavy Lift Applications," Mr. Bill Crowder, Director for Advanced Technologies, LMI

Industry R&D Panel - Dr. Bob Boyd, Program Manager, Lockheed Martin, Mr. Igor Pasternak, President & CEO, Aeros Corporation, Mr. Mike Durham, Chief Engineer, Hybrid Air Vehicles, Ltd

Nontraditional Requirements Panel - USAID/State Dept (invited), Mr. Jacques Collignon, Senior Regional Logistics Officer, UN World Food Programme, US Coast Guard (invited)

“The Art of the Possible,” LTGEN George Fisher, Jr. (Ret), Director of DoD Programs, Global Security Directorate, Oak Ridge Laboratories

"OMNI Warfare Game Changer: Laser Beam Weapons + Static Lift," Mr. Chuck Myers, President, Aerocounsel Inc.

“NASA Ames Airship Research,” Dr. Alan Weston, Director of Programs, NASA Ames

“Collaborative Engineering and Research Capabilities to meet DoD Hybrid-Aircraft Heavy Lift Requirements,” Dr. John Horack, Ph.D, Vice President for Research, University of Alabama, Huntsville

“University of Maryland Airship Research,” Dr. Mark Lewis, Chairman, Aerospace Engineering Department, University of Maryland and President-elect, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

"Future Deployment and Distribution Assessment," Mr. Dave Cannella, Chief, Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center, Programmatics Division, USTRANSCOM

Airship Notes: Latest interesting airship news items, among several, include DARPA’s solar-powered airship development program, USN airship launch in Lakehurst NJ and 1M GBP donation to The Minesweeper Foundation to support its airship-powered radar scan for landmines in Africa.
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Re: Amerika rüstet auf - mit Hybridluftschiffen

Beitragvon hilgenberg » Mi, 28.04.2010 22:17

Unter nachstehendem Link gibt es auch einen Großteil der dort gehaltenen Präsentationen. ... &Entry=135

Sicherlich sehr interessant für alle, die bisher immer glaubten, dass kein Mensch Luftschiffe braucht.
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